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Welcome to Israeli Krav Maga Academy IKMA

Our beliefs

We believe that a proper education of the Krav-Maga method, with complete faith in it, can prevent a significant amount of the violence problems surrounding us these days.
If so, what is a proper education? Indeed- the million dollar question. 
We don’t think anyone has the one and true, the most correct, ultimate answer – but after more than fifteen years of experience in guiding Krav-Maga with direct and solid connection to education, we will try to share with you what we have succeeded to learn.

 This method, that was developed by IMI Sade Or Lichtenfeld in the Thirties, in exile during World War II, gave a tremendous response to the Jews who were being harassed by the rising anti-Semitism and they were able to fight back against their attackers.

For us - the connection to the Jewish roots and values, the constant battle on our home and the right to be alive, the battle for justice and intelligent coping- connects us in an unbreakable link to the Krav-Maga method which is being practiced in many provinces in our country and abroad, because "A nation that does not respect its past, its present is too del and its future is uncertain". In our vision this is true Zionism, and indeed the method mainly practices education for values, mutual respect and discipline. 

Our motto is: there are no different rolls in Krav-Maga from any other martial art or method, when your life is in danger- all is allowed in order to save them. Our goal is not to prepare our trainees for winning competitions; therefore we must restrict it with this:
* do everything in order not to get hurt – use your mind, being wise is more important than being right, use your senses and avoid danger as possible.
* use your knowledge as necessary – know the currect time to use it, and when not to.

The Krav-Maga method is progressive and therefore the most affective for self-defense in many violent situations.

The Krav-Mage method can be adjusted for any age!!! 

We believe in change, without faith we cannot be able to see ours and our children's future in here.

We indomitable act for this change, in training in our clubs, from young to adult, in many schools in our country, In order to instill and strengthen our Jewish roots and pride in our homeland, in order to spread the method of self defense for all, with complete faith along the way. 


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